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Emerging Website Trends

  • Style and Design
  • Layout and Navigation
  • Browser Technology
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Style & Design

  • Minimalist Design
  • Horizontal Separation
  • Custom Art & Photography
  • Rich Typography

Minimalist Design

  • Puts the focus on content
  • Features generous use of white space
  • Makes sure users can find information easily
  • Improves comprehension by about 20%*

Bad Example: Die Shop Web
Good Example: Blue Gate Farm

* Source: Lin, D. Y. M. Evaluating older adults' retention in hypertext perusal: Impacts of presentation media as a function of text topology. 1 July 2004.

Horizontal Separation

Pages can be separated into horizontal areas with their own unique styling.

  • Adds visual interest with varied columns
  • Allows content to "breathe"

Bad Example: Sewing Machine Shop
Good Example: Hospice Alliance

Less Stock Photography

Overly familiar imagery fails to communicate your
unique value.

South Jersey Paralegals
Sphinx Limos

Custom Art & Photography

  • Adds a personal touch
  • Makes a greater impression
  • Is crucial for successful product sales


Bendtsen's Bakery

Rich Typography

Years ago, only a handful of fonts were safe for the web. Now, sites can use custom fonts.

Google WebFonts


20 and Oakes Restaurant

Layout & Navigation

  • Scrolling Pages
  • Top-Aligned Navigation
  • Mega Menus & Footers
  • Responsive Design
  • Video Benefits

Scrolling Pages

Years ago, pages were kept "above the fold".
Now, longer pages are acceptable and even preferable.

  • Well suited to touchscreens and modern
    mouse devices
  • Easier to navigate than many small pages
  • Helps users find what they need faster

Top-Aligned Navigation

Left-aligned menus have been phased out in favor of
top-aligned horizontal menus.

  • Keeps organization of content neater
  • More compatible with responsive design


Racine YMCA

Mega Menus & Footers

Navigation areas can now contain multiple columns.

  • Perfect for large, complex websites
  • More user-friendly than multiple-level dropdowns


Master Appliance

Responsive Design

According to StatCounter, mobile Internet use has doubled each year since 2009. *
Morgan Stanley predicts that mobile web use will exceed desktop use by 2017. *

  • Adapts the layout to the user's screen size
  • Gives all users an intuitive browsing experience


Norco Manufacturing

* Source: A. Cullen. Mobile Internet Usage is Doubling Year on Year. 6 Feb 2012.
* Source: Morgan Stanley. ComScore State of the Internet Webinar. 14 June 2012.

Video Benefits

  • Visual appeal — preference of "seeing" over "reading"
  • Videos are "sticky" — keep the visitor on your page
  • Provides an emotional stimulus plain text cannot


Racine Railroad

Browser Technology

  • Browser Popularity
  • Browser Updates
  • The Dangers of an Outdated Website
  • The Death of Flash

Browser Popularity

According to StatCounter, Chrome use has overtaken Internet Explorer in the last six months.

Browser Updates

  • Firefox and Chrome update automatically
  • Internet Explorer updates only every few years
  • The latest version of Internet Explorer is IE10
  • IE6 is rarely used in the United States
  • Facebook and Twitter do not support IE7 & below
  • Google Apps discontinued support for IE8 & below

Dangers of an Outdated Website

Browser-specific coding techniques may look
incorrect in newer browsers.


Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Make sure your web developer knows about
browser compatibility trends.

What is Flash?

Adobe Flash is a web plug-in used to add video, animation, stylization, and interactivity to websites.

Image Management 2008

No More Flash

  • Takes much longer to develop
  • Not supported on mobile devices
  • Not recognized by search engines
  • Should never be used for content, navigation, or effects
  • Still used in games and video for now (Youtube)

Bad Example: Badger Alloys
Good Example: Elcano Dental

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Market Share
  • Understanding Paid vs. Organic Search Results
  • The Importance of Being First

Focusing on Google

Google commands about 80% of the search
engine market.

Organic & Paid Search Results

A Typical Google Search

  • Organic: Free and automatically generated
  • Paid: Purchased search results

Great organic search results take time to develop.
Paid search results are immediate.

The Importance of Being First

The top organic search result receives over one-third of all traffic generated by a given search.

The tenth result (bottom of page 1) receives 143% more traffic than the eleventh result (top of page 2.)


Google Search for "steakhouse"

Proven SEO Techniques

  • Optimized Content
  • Blogs/News Feeds
  • Google Places
  • Social Media
  • Redirects
  • Google Analytics

SEO-Friendly Content

  • Focus on key search terms in content
  • Linking between pages on website
  • Image "alt text" attributes


The Machine Tool Groups

Blogs/News Feeds

  • Leverages Google's priority on new information
  • Boosts SEO while helping potential clients
  • Adds information in an intuitive, organized way
  • Can advertise upcoming events and specials



Maintaining Your Blog

Keeping a blog up to date is crucial.
Lack of updates suggests low activity.


Tool, Die, and Machining

Google Places

Google now shows Google Places listings for locally oriented searches.

  • Boosts your appearance on local searches
  • Adds helpful information such as business hours, photos, and links


"Racine Eye Care"

Social Media & Websites

Adding content on social media that links to the site improves that site's ranking.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


Image Management Facebook


Search engines keep a list of which pages are
on a site.
When creating a new site, the old site's search
engine ranking could be lost.
Redirecting old URLs to their new equivalents
maintains the pages' ranking.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track statistics
about your site's users.

  • Shows which cities visitors are coming from
  • Notes how users find your site: Searches,
    Referrals, or Direct
  • Tracks what search terms people use to find
    the site

Google AdWords

Google's paid advertisement service. Ads appear at the top, side, and bottom of normal search results.

Image Management is an AdWords Reseller with direct Google contact.

"Website Design Milwaukee" - Image Management

How AdWords Works

  • Companies bid for specific keywords
  • Target users by device, location, and more
  • You only pay when your ad is clicked

Business Value

A modern web presence increases sales
and customer contact.

Modern web design promotes your products and
services more efficiently.

AdWords and modern SEO techniques bring more potential customers to your website.

You can read this presentation online at http://reveal.imagemanagement.com/

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